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Coupons For Dad

My husband Caloy and I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children – JC, 21; BA, 19; and Jay, 9. During the formative years of our children, Caloy was away working so I took on the role of both father and mother in his absence. I was alone to nurse their little aches and pains. I taught all 3 of them how to bike, brought them to swimming, basketball and dance clinics, cheered the loudest during BA's hockey games and JC's figure skating competitions, drove them to and from school, taught the 2 older ones how to drive, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

When Caloy came home after his stint in Iraq in 2007, our roles were reversed- I worked and he stayed home. This was his chance to make up for all the years he was away. Since I was a Quality Coach at IBM Daksh, a call center, I had to work at night when everyone else was asleep and slept when they were awake. We were together but we were living in different 'time zones'.

Since Caloy was just helping out his father run their family business, he, more or less, had control of his time. This meant more quality time with the kids, especially with Jay. He helped Jay with school work, took him to the barber shop, brought him to swimming classes, biked with him around the village, fed him and prayed with him before he slept at night, which, by the way, included praying for the approval of our visa for permanent residence here in Canada. Both father and son shared a special bond.

Last Father's Day, Caloy received the best gift ever from our little Jay. He received what Jay called Father's Day coupons. He received one that promised to help him wash dishes, another to let him borrow some of his money (yup, this one brought the house down), a third to help him do stuff like washing dishes and the best of them all – a back massage. These are all simple little things but they brought tears to Caloy's eyes and truly touched his heart.

Below is an excerpt from the poem 'Fathers are Wonderful People' by Helen Steiner Rice. It simply says that although fathers put up a ‘tough act', they have emotions, too. And most of all, they need LOVE.


But if you look inside Dad's heart,

Where no one else can see

You'll find he's sentimental

And as 'soft' as he can be...


But he's so busy every day

In the gruelling race of life,

He leaves the sentimental stuff

To his partner and his wife...


But Fathers are just WONDERFUL

In a million different ways,

And they merit loving compliments

And accolade of praise,


For the only reason Dad aspires

to fortune and success

Is to make the family proud of him

and to bring them happiness...


And like Our Heavenly Father,

he's a guardian and a guide,

Someone that we can count on

to be always on our side.

***This Article is re-posted in celebration of Fathers' Day. Greetings to all fathers and praise be to our Heavenly Father! - From Your Web Team

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