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In the Pit of Darkness

One dreary night, we woke up to loud echoes of "Mom! Dad! Hide me, there are monsters running after me", "Stay away from me, evil monster!" ,"No more, I can't take this anymore, don't let me die!!!" We thought our son was having a nightmare but he wasn't. Oh how we wished he was. The reality was, he was high on weed.

We came to Canada thinking this was the safest and best place to raise our children. So how did this happen? God, what are we to do? What went wrong? We don't have the answers but we know we are His children and as such, He protects us and our security is in His power and in His name.

Our worst fear then was if our son wouldn't be able to get out of that ugly and evil world he was in. What we used to see on television had now become a reality for us. In our 21 years of marriage, I've never seen my husband shed tears. But as they say, there's always a first time for everything. He hugged our son while I held his cold and trembling hands.

Psalm 46:1 says, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble". We invoked the Holy name of Jesus to cover him with His most precious blood, prayed the Lord's Prayer, rebuked the evil spirit that was within him, whispered beautiful memories we shared as a family, told him to think of the friends he left back home, reassured him of how much we love him and how much God loves him. For four hours, this was all we did until he finally succumbed to sleep. Even in his deep slumber, I never let go of his hands.

When he finally woke up, all he could remember were monsters chasing after him. He could vividly recall that we were holding his hands and consistently praying to drive away the bad spirits that were running after him. He confessed that was the first time he tried the stuff but now he doesn't see any reason why he'd want to go through that harrowing experience again. " NEVER AGAIN!" he said , "the Lord's unfailing love has surrounded me and rescued me from the pit of darkness and I don't ever want to go back again."

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