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Seeing God's Face

"Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face" (Psalm 24:6)

My wife and I were on our way to the bank one afternoon when I noticed a man pushing a grocery cart. On it was a sofa bed. It was a cold and windy day and he was having a hard time with the cart. As we were entering the bank, to do our errand when all of a sudden the cart and the sofa bed tipped over. From the bank I noticed the man was still struggling with his burden. As we left the bank I decided to help him out. It was our date night and we had dinner plans. My wife suggested that she will go ahead to the restaurant while I helped the man out. After removing the seats and a long struggle, long we managed to lift the sofa into my van.

Along our way to his place, he was very grateful for my help. I found out that he just purchased the sofa bed from Value Village and he offered to give me his remaining twenty dollars, which I declined. I found out that he was staying at a friend's basement while his parents were on a Christian mission somewhere in Mexico or the Caribbean's.

When we reached his place and finished unloading, there was a moment where God was the topic of our Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus is a manifestation of the Father's great love for His people who longs to see His face. The humble birth of Jesus in a stable is an indication for us where we look to find His face. Seek the star that illumine the place to magnify His presence.

Pious legend says St. Martin of Tours, originally a pagan Roman Soldier, cut and shared his military cloak with a beggar on a snowy day. That night the beggar appeared to him in a dream as Christ himself.

May the Christmas we just celebrated help us see the Lord's face more clearly in 2014 and the years to come!


Kit Arcilla

Head – Pastoral Ministry and Finance Ministry

(Re-print from Kit's Corner, December 2002 issue of the Lightnews with slight adaptation)

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