Who We Are?

The Light of Jesus Community (LOJC – Canada is a Catholic Charismatic Community). LOJC is a member of the Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC) in the Archdiocese of Toronto; is recognized by the Diocese of Hamilton; and, a federally registered non-profit charitable organization.

All community activities are geared towards our mission of spreading and sharing the light of Jesus to other people as widely and as effectively as possible through evangelization, discipleship, community, ministry, and worship, and the spiritual formation of our members.

We believe that being part of a community is crucial in the enrichment of one's faith and family life.

How Did We Start?

From its humble beginnings 30 years ago as a small 20-person prayer group led by lay evangelist Bro. Bo Sanchez, the Light of Jesus Community (LOJC) in the Philippines has grown and developed into an active service community rooted in faith and Jesus Christ. 

LOJC strives to nurture and enrich family and spiritual life through community, providing caring support and participation, fellowship, faith and service, centered on Christ's love for all. 

Today, the Light of Jesus Community has chapters in the different parts of the world.

LOJC in Canada was started in 1995 by three couples and one single man, fondly called the “Magnificent 7”. This group served as the springboard in the evangelization work that grew to more than 300 committed members in the Toronto/Hamilton areas, and separate groups in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.